SofaSubscription is a subscription based retailer specialising in preloved and sustainable furniture. We had the pleasure of building their ecommerce/ subscription website from the ground-up. Our work on this project involved branding, system building, ecommerce and SEO.

Stage One: Discovery was brainstormed by the owners of a furniture retail outlet based in Gloucester. They came to us with the idea of a subscription based furniture model and needed help to assist with the web/ ecommerce side of the business. We set up sessions with the owners to understand their business more and soon got to work on the logo, branding and the premise of the site.

Stage two: Creation

Once we worked on the website brief with the clients we started building the site. This was a complex, subscription based ecommerce site so the right tools and software were imperative for the job. We built the website foundations and began to configure the subscription/ ecommerce software.

Stage Three: Optimisation

After the site was built we started on the optimisation stage of the project. This entailed making the site user friendly for both the customer at the frontend and the client at the backend. We also performed our on-page SEO work by matching the site with relative keywords, optimising media and improving site performance.

Stage Four: Go Live

Our next step was to test the site functionality and set the site up on ‘test’ mode. This allowed us to mimic a full customer journey from start to finish. Once we were satisfied with the functionality and the journey it was ready to give the clients a ‘Go Live’ date. Before the site was live we gave the client a full instructional course on how to manage the site, view orders and add products.

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